Thursday, November 4, 2010

Too much time on my hands

Thursday, November 4, 2010 8:00 AM

The November 4th Courage to Change says this:

… but I find that the only way to have serenity is to become willing to accept the things I cannot change. Acceptance gives me choices.

Around 1:00 AM this morning, while I was trying to go to sleep I was possessed by a strange idea. Sometimes I feel my Fall Risk blog is not an appropriate place for some of the things I would like to write about. Why not create another blog just for those things?

For some reason it feels uncouth to talk about my blog on my own blog space. Question, would blogging about blogging be called metablogging? A quick Google search tells me that that is exactly what you would call it.

In my own defense I promise to be brief.

Fall Risk's scope will be limited to my recovery (recoveries), my new life, and my relationship with God as He continues to reveal Himself to me. Of course these topics are all intertwined so it is difficult to isolate them from each other.

It is a privilege to be able to share my struggles with CIDP and the miracles of recovery with so many people; my readers have been a great source of support through the darkest time in my life. And I love that we celebrate together.

The very least I can do is to keep this area focused on a few topics and stick my blatherings about monster movies, computer stuff, the busy lives of my pets, and whatever else pops into my head, someplace else. It is called What I Watched Last Night and will be a place for me to do whatever I want, which sounds pretty self indulgent.

It's good to have choices.
1:30 PM

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