Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pretty good vacation

I am doing this in the back of a moving car, on my phone so it is not going to be pretty. 

We are taking Matt and Mercedes to the airport for their trip back to Vermont.  Their 10 day visit was really good and all concerned are sad to see it end. 

Last night Matt told us that he is seriously considering accepting our offer to move in with us.  That would be awesome.  I am sure part of that is because he wants to use the amazing workshop he created in the garage.

Picture to follow of that. 

We spent the Christmas Eve and Day hunkered down in our grinch cave, wishing that time would pass faster.  Gratefully, there were meetings for us to attend. 

But when Matt and Mercedes showed up, it really felt like Christmas.  That feeling continued throughout their visit because everyday we got to open a present.