Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I've given myself permission to spend today in bed, even though it looks great outside and the temperature is (relatively) cooler.  Tomorrow is  my first IVIg in 31 days.  This is the longest I have gone between infusions so far.

I am not sure if that is why I feel so rotten (really tired, lots of pain, unsteady on my feet) or if there is another reason.  When I had the flu last December, it took months for me to recover; it is plausible that my exhaustion might be left over from the move.

I feel guilty about wasting a beautiful day like today.  But the idea of doing what I need to to do get out there is beyond my capabilities right now.  Good thing Alex is here to drain the dogs.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot Enough?

Yes, it is really hot here.  Despite my reluctance to pay attentiuon to anything newsy, I guess the rest of the United States is also really hot.

Like unbelievably hot.  Yesterday, at 10 am, it was already 100 degrees in downtown Statesboro.  It was still 100+ at 7 pm, when we went into the Averitt Center to watch Hairspray.  Sitting in the Statesboro Regional Library it is 95.


I am constantly amazed when I talk to friends not from the South how much they sound like I have moved to another country.  They do speak American here.

On a personal note, it have been 25 days since my last IVIg infusion.  Adrienne says I am deteriorating and I have to take her word for it; my exhaustion has reached new levels and I feel clumsier than I have in months.

In other news, my re-walking anniversary is next week.  What a celebration!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


We have made it to Statesboro after visiting with my sister in Kentucky and then a long and gorgeous drive into the South.  I still feel pretty disoriented, but it is getting better.  Little things like getting a library card, Internet access and meeting my new neurologist, Dr. Patel (another transplant, I think) help.