Friday, February 11, 2011

Did you get a flu shot before you CIDP or GBS? Spotlight: Flu Vaccines and Neurological Problems | Philosophers stone

I haven't had a chance to completely check if this is one person's opinion or if there are any facts connected to it.  I am posting it now to start a conversation.

Durring my hospitalization,  I heard doctors and nurses talk about how rare it was to see so many people with GBS.  My mind went back to the previous summer's influenza vaccination frenzy.  I don't usually get flu shots, but did in Fall of 2009.

Spotlight: Flu Vaccines and Neurological Problems | Philosophers stone


  1. Hi! A follower of yours posted quite a few months ago that she got very sick after a flu vaccination. She went into great detail. If you google it a lot comes up......hmmmm.

  2. I couldn't find it in my comments. What did you use as a Google string? If I get a chance, I will try it.

  3. My wife experienced a significant neurological reaction to a flu shot on October 31. She went into a coma for nearly 4 weeks. As her neurologist told me, "we have identified an elevated level of a protein in her blood which indicates she is having a severe immune system reaction to the flu shot. Basically, your wife's antibodies have been attacking her brain for the past 3 weeks." Subsequently, the drs. have determined that my wife likely had 2 immune system reactions, one which attacked her central nervous system and another which attacked her peripheral nervous system. She did not have Guillain-Barre' although some of the symptoms were similar. I am trying to get an idea of how many people had a neurological reaction to the flu shot. I know of 3 people, in addition to my wife, who have, and they are all in one rehab clinic in a suburb of Chicago. Give I like to learn more about your situation and others you hear about.

  4. The symptoms you are describing along with the resultant condition, could very well be related to the seasonal flu shot. You may have a valid claim under the NVICP, whcih is a compensation program run by the federal governemnt for individuals harmed by certian vaccinations.

  5. Sorry to post so long after your original entry, but I feel led to share.
    I couldn't help but notice the date of your original post. I consider Feb 11,2011 the first day of our CIDP journey. My husband had a flu shot at work Sept 30,2010 and by Christmas had significant weakness in his legs and could no longer normally walk up the stairs in our home.After 2 neurologist appts and being told to "wait 3 months and come back if there is any change" I researched specialists in the area (we live 45 minutes from 2 major research hospitals).
    Feb 11,2011 my husband had an MRI,EMG and lumbar puncture. We left the hospital that evening with our heads spinning and this comfort (if you can call it that)- its not ALS, but could be POEMS,multiple myeloma or CIDP. Less than a week later we got a call that he needed a CT scan to rule out lymphoma. We lived every one of those possibilities and it was a very scary and stressful time as each one was ruled out. By mid March CIDP was the diagnosis and we started the IVIG and steroid treatments.
    Honestly, I feel the flu shot was the final straw so to speak. In my opinion, it triggered the auto immune response that is still attacking his nerves.

  6. Well - I got a flu shot AND a pneumonia shot in December 1994 and began within a couple of days with symptoms. After undergoing many tests, I was disagnosed with CIDP. The symptoms improved somewhat and when I last saw the neurologist he said I now had peripheral neuropathy. My entire body tingles and my legs are numb and get shooting pains occasionally. I am grateful it has not gotten worse and will settle for this. My yearly question is always "should I get a flu shot" and in looking online that is how I found your site. Any opinions?

    1. I still have not made up my mind; I guess that is telling enough! My last doctor told me to definitely NOT get any flu shots.