Monday, August 16, 2010

Old Lessons

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today during his sermon, Pastor Logan asked us to think of someone who would had been a spiritual influence. I immediately thought of Paul, a neighbor from Norwalk with a son the same age as me. He would drive us to school in the mornings. More than once, when I came over, he would be sitting at the breakfast table, reading his Bible with this breakfast dishes scattered around him.

Paul was the first person I had ever seen, besides our church pastors, who sought to continue his relationship with God beyond church on Sunday morning. Paul and I never talked about our faith, but by doing his daily devotion, he had a profound effect on me.

Logan asked us to name some of these people. During the congregational prayer, those names were read back and we thanked God for their witness. We asked God to “ grant us Your mercy to live by the same strength.”

I am grateful to God for my health, my wealth, and the support of friends, family, and fellowship. I pray for knowledge of His will and the strength to carry it out.

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