Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I feel like a new person. I'm not sure who that is but his life is very full and active. My house is also full and active with my granddaughter running around, Alex and Adrienne working on their projects, and this week my mother in law, Lola is visiting.

I love sharing my house with my granddaughter. She is a constant source of joy to me, and noise. For the last day she has been sharing things with grandpa. If Nana gives her a cookie, she brings it to me and offers me a bite. Of course reciprocation is the downside to this; if I have something she wants she just takes it off my plate. Indulgence is the first role for grandfathers, so I am happy to let her have her pick.

My physical recovery is still progressing rapidly. I am certain that I will be able to stand on my own soon, walking independently can't be far behind. I hope.

CIDP is a very serious illness. I have the attitude that I am lucky, my symptoms have retreated and my body is well on the way to mending. A quick look at some CIDP discussion forums on the Internet last night reminded me of how unpredictable this sickness is. Severe recurrences are not unheard of, sometimes the illness develops a tolerance for its treatment drugs. More than once I've read someone who went to sleep fine and woke up paralyzed, unable to talk.

The next phase of my recovery is to figure out the minimum amount of medication I need.

And I'm continuing to redefine myself now that I left my Able Bodied Person status behind. With the help of friends, I'm continuing to expand my world by spending time outside the house without my family present. Last week I reached a milestone when I returned to the coffee shop where I had spent many happy hours, drinking strong coffee and playing on my computer.

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