Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One week out of the hospital

Yay! It has been a week since I got home from Jewish Hospital. It is (still) great to be home.

I had my first physical therapy session yesterday. We developed a base line, which the therapist said is pretty bad. I don't remember exactly what he said because things were very woozy and I felt nauseous.

He gave me a list of seven exercises and 2 stretches to do twice a day, building up the number of repetitions as I am able. I did them last night and this morning and while they didn't kill me, I am not sure they are making me stronger. Time will tell.

Yesterday is also the first day I didn't take my pain medications until bed time. I felt I needed them then. The doctor at Indian Creek gave me three prescriptions: Meloxicam, an anti-inflammatory pill that I take once a day, Neurontin, a medicine for nerve pain that I am supposed to take twice a day, but didn't take it until last night and Dilaudid, to take for pain as needed.

I didn't take the pain pills until I went to bed because I don't like the way they make me feel. Taking a long nap in the afternoon made me feel better, more refreshed.

After my exercises, I was in pain. I took some Ibuprofen, then an hour later, still in pain, I took a Neurontin. Two hours later, I took the Dilaudid. That knocked me out for the rest of the night.
Eloise and Thor share a sunny spot on the carpet

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