Monday, October 29, 2012


It has been five days since my last narcotic.  I just finished my first night good night's sleep in nearly a week.  When I say good, I mean pain free (without drugs).  

Now what am I supposed to do?

The bed at a detox never appeared, but I got it on medical advice that I was pretty well through it.  Detoxing is a physical process where the body begins to readjust to live without massive chemical influx it has been deluged with for X amount of time.  It is different from treatment or rehab (I learned).

Detoxing is relatively brief compared to the longer hospital stays for treatment.  I have heard some people share about being in their second year of treatment.  I realized I was unclear about that in my last post (as I was in my own head).  

Which brings the fact that there is a lot about this process (I guess I can call it recovery?) that I do not know.  

I found this yesterday, seems apropos:

                                                              N.A. 3rd Step Prayer

Take my will & my life,
Guide me in my recovery,
Show me how to live.


  1. We wish you the best Good Sir.... and Halloween Greetings from the Doctor here at the Crypt....
    I had to go to Crisis Recovery Center a year past .... I was the only one there who was Not there for detox....(I had "lost it"... and had to go away for a week..). I have not gotten to the point om much "pain" from my illness... although I do wonder "Why" , the Dead tissue of my other lung can give such intense pains sudden and sharp... the "after-pain" can last for up to half an hour afterwords.... Sleeping... when I roll over the thick mucus of the dead lung shifts and obstructs my airway... thus I always wake up coughing... others have told me that I normally sleep on through the coughing fits....
    Lately though... I have had more "bad days".... I hope it is a "phase" .... My last breathing test was better... But still not up to par with last year... I wish you the best Good Sir ....Stacey

  2. I found out Why I was having these pains in my dead lung ... Pneumonia had settled into that lung.... so several days of being "bed-ridden"... they said that they caught it early enough to treat it and I should be better in about two weeks, the worst part is that I had to miss Halloween... now I will be depressed for quite some time... Thus this has been the cause of these "pains".... So I hope to be better soon... My best wishes to you Good Sir.... Stacey

  3. Oh Stacey, I am so sorry to about your recent illness. I and the other denizens of The Insomniac Theater will be holding you in our prayers.

    As for missing Halloween, for guys like us, isn't everyday Halloween?

    Love to you!

  4. Thank you Good Sir for your concern and for your kind words.... I am on a couple of antibiotics ... They say I should be better in about a week... Stacey