Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot Enough?

Yes, it is really hot here.  Despite my reluctance to pay attentiuon to anything newsy, I guess the rest of the United States is also really hot.

Like unbelievably hot.  Yesterday, at 10 am, it was already 100 degrees in downtown Statesboro.  It was still 100+ at 7 pm, when we went into the Averitt Center to watch Hairspray.  Sitting in the Statesboro Regional Library it is 95.


I am constantly amazed when I talk to friends not from the South how much they sound like I have moved to another country.  They do speak American here.

On a personal note, it have been 25 days since my last IVIg infusion.  Adrienne says I am deteriorating and I have to take her word for it; my exhaustion has reached new levels and I feel clumsier than I have in months.

In other news, my re-walking anniversary is next week.  What a celebration!

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