Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby Punching

After the election, I saw that America had made a definite step towards legalizing marijuana . Personally, I have always thought that our laws about marijuana were archaic, expensive and had nothing to do with protecting us from ourselves.  It was kind of cool to think aobut an America where dope was legal (and, what the hell, taxed) until I realised that I probably would not be joining in the celebration.

Then I was mad. Here it was, two weeks after I stopped using, and my dreams of legal highs were taken away.  For my facebook status, I posted that I was angry enough to punch a baby.

 I remember when people used to tell me that they never knew what I would say next.  But I had been so busy trying to people please, hide my addiction and everything else, that saying outrageous things where no longer a part of my life.  It was good to see a glimpse of the old me.

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