Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Further Updates

I dropped off the halter this morning, the n went home to take off the electrodes.  Ouch!  I told the young woman that was putting them on to shave me first and I guess she only half listened.

Oh well, half is better than none.

In other news, I now weigh 272 pounds, about 50 over a healthy weight, according to my doctor.  In order to help lose the weight, I got a calorie counting app for my to help.  I put in my present weight, then my ideal weight and pick a plan on how fast I want to lose the weight (I picked the most gradual), and the program does the rest.  As long as I am honest with my phone about what I eat and don't go over the limit, I should be at my ideal weight in about half a year.

This is going to be hard  because I really don't want to face my food addiction.

As of 10 am, I have eaten 24 % of my daily calories.

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  1. At our age, food is all we have left of our addictions. With me and food, I have to be super organized and focused to lose weight. I haven't done it in awhile because it's not that easy to get really focused anymore, especially with working full time...Good Luck! I need to lose 40lbs & Johnny needs to lose a bit more.