Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome to the Daily Grind

I decided it was time to officially end the mourning period for my beloved Kofenya in Oxford and sample the Statesboro alternative, called The Daily Grind.  I had been here twice before, the first time I completely lost my nerve and backed out before anyone saw me; the second time I ordered a cup of coffee and muffin then, grudgingly sat at the counter, not quite convinced it was the right place for me.


I landed there today after I became convinced that I was going to damage one of my housemates(I won't say names, but it does involve pet urine on the carpet).   It is located in what looks like was once someone's house and is part of several businesses on the corner of Zettertower and Savannah, about half a mile from downtown Statesboro.

It is a very cute place, smaller than Kofenya.  There are a few tables and some comfortable chairs.  There are no soul patch sporting, skinny jean wearing, ironic fedora toting guys or girls in thick, black plastic frames and matching leggings with dreadlocks in sight.  In fact, most of the few people I see the crowd of gray haired, female retirees having a loud lunch together by the front door.  There are no hole-y jeans, facial piercings, or faded t-shirts in sight.  Everyone around me is clean, having the look of either coming from someplace or having someplace to go to.

In fact, I realize, I am by far the scruffiest looking one here.

After the luncheon ladies left, the place was nearly empty except for two guys wearing Christian-themed t-shirts who were consulting each other nearby.  When next shift has arrived,hey milled about, talking and laughing with each other and the new customers as they came in.

I am jealous of the apparent ease with which they talk to each other; making each other laugh, calling everyone by first name, and complimenting each other on their outfits and hair styles.

In other news, I have been spending my Wednesday mornings participating in a conversation group with some of the advanced students from the Ogeechee Technical College English as a Second Language class. The group is fun and I look forward to it every week. I wish I could be more involved though.  As it is, I walk in at the beginning and walk out at the end, no planning or preparation at all.

Tomorrow night, I will start training to be a volunteer for an adult literacy program I hope to be a part of.

Suddenly, my eyes have started to water, this means it is nap time for me.  I was glad to have this time where I could do some writing.  

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