Saturday, April 16, 2011

Letter to The Miami Student, the oldest student run newspaper in America

(It has happened again; reducing my steroid dosage is bringing out the madman in me.  Instead of using my car keys to scratch the following on the hood of the aforementioned vehicle, I have sought a more appropriate place to express myself.)

To the thoughtless driver who parked in a parking space for people with disabilities outside King Library on April 16; leaving your flashers on is not the same as having the appropriate parking permit.

The fact that I or any one else with the proper permit use those spaces is not a matter of luxury or convenience to us; we are given those spaces because tasks like getting in and out of a car or travelling under our own power is significantly more difficult for us than for the TABs (temporarily able bodied) around us.

Speaking for myself, walking more than 100 paces is painful and fatiguing.  After that, my weakened legs and precarious sense of balance are more likely to cause me to fall and injure myself.

Using parking spaces for people with disabilities gives me increased independence. Having to navigate around your illegally parked vehicle made my trip into the library more difficult.

What was your reason for parking there?  I can imagine several scenarios that might have led you to make the choice you did.  But please, next time you feel the need to park illegally on campus, could you do it somewhere else besides a parking space for people with disabilities?

Thank you,

Micheal Williams


  1. I guess that guy's disability is mental. Nice blog!
    Mr. Xploit