Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On Being a TAB

I love the church we joined, it has been an amazing experience for me.  However, going to a Methodist church in a red state is an experience unlike anything I had seen previously in my swinging, hippy liberal churches in the north.

But when in fellowship, God's love is present, flowing through everyone and to us all.  Way better than intermission at a Dead show.

There is one couple that Adrienne and I had a bond with from the very first time we saw them because she is the primary care giver to the husband, who late in life became afflicted with a debilitating, chronic illness that affects his nerves.  There was a period when they thought he would never leave the hospital, let alone walk again.

But he proved them wrong.  He gets around with his walker and motorized wheelchair and has a daily exercise regime that is truly impressive.  He spends hours everyday, either at the gym or in the pool, working out.  She, of course, is tasked with the things he cannot do for himself.  She told us about the many steps she has to go through whenever they travel; on over night trips, she has to repeat the process every morning before they can leave the hotel.

Today he shared that he has suddenly lost a significant amount of strength in his legs; this is never good news.  Even though even though he didn't sound upset or even concerned, I felt alarm for him and his wife.  

Of course, I quickly realized that that is going to happen to me someday.  I mean, happen to us.

For a while there, I used to rail at the TABs (Temporarily Able Bodied), but I stopped when I rejoined their ranks.   Most of the time, I take it for granted that I will never be paralised again.  The weight of that knowledge is too much to carry around everyday.


  1. I wish you the best with your health issues... I have only one lung and "Giant Bulous Emphazema" ( Sorry about the spelling ) the severe nervous anxiety condition is another issue that I deal with daily.... And I tend to have too many accidents....Falls and such...( Last fall about a month past ..I Bruised my good lung.... that hurt badly for a few days... I use several different inhalers daily .... Luckily, I still have a while before I need more medical devices to continue to "function" in my daily life...That is something that "scares the Hell" out of me... Hang in there Good Sir and My best wishes to you and yours...

  2. Dr. Theda, I am touched that you stopped by to comment. Best wishes to you and your health.

    How do you bruise a lung? It is probably a lot more painful than I can imagine!

    I noticed we also have some similar tastes in movies...

    I am looking forward to checking out your blog


  3. Thank you Good Sir for joining us here at the "Crypt"... Your "Fiend" and Follower... Dr. Theda... (Stacey E. Lemmon)

    1. That is the one thing that I needed most right Now ...."a Smile" ...Thank You Sir...

    2. To quote another "dead" head, "Nothing left to do but smile smile smile"

  4. I don't know, Michael. Seems like if you had to hump your ass to make a living every day, you might feel different about "God." As it is, God's failure to divert you from CIDP is the very reason you don't have to work. But if you weren't married to a professor?? Really?? Would God be your buddy while you struggled to stay both alive AND afloat? The thing about belief in God is that it tends to....sanction other things--be they bad habits or denial. But no, any God who doesn't manage a flat tire for you on your way to a ruinous flu shot needs nothing less than a vigorous slap in the face.

  5. Hope that You are Well today Sir.... And having a pleasant week-end.... ( I had a bit of a "breathing" issue earlier... Better non ....It happens ).... But have some really cool new posts since this morning.... Hope that you enjoy them... and the best of health to you good Sir... Yore "fiend" and Follower ...Stacey...

  6. I found that article on "The Unholy" and added it to the post.... Have a Great day Sir