Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another song I can't listen to without crying...

Watch "Cat Stevens - Morning Has Broken" on YouTube

today was because the gravestone setting for Natasha's plot.  The group that gathered together in the rain included Adrienne and her family from Boston, Matt, Mercedes,a large group of Nataha's friends and what of our closest friends could make it.

The pastor read a great poem that made me realize it was time to stop thinking about the awful things and start celebrating the gift that was Natasha's life.

I had to turn away when we sang "Morning has Broken.“ Afterwards, Mercedes gave everyone present a rock to place on the gravestone; I am keeping mine.

I was so grateful to see so many of Natasha's friends come. Her friends were one of the most important things in her life. These very beautiful young woman demonstrated to us how they have inspired so much loyalty as they comforted us and gave us some of Natasha's love.  Then they made us laught by telling stories about her teen years

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