Friday, September 23, 2011

21 Days

Three weeks ago today, I lost my angel.  And even beyond her death, everything else is a crisis.  If life is  journey, then mine has veered so far off into a deep, uncharted and boundless wilderness that I will never find it again. 

One of the things that sustained  me when I was in the hospital last year was The Third Step Prayer.  I told myself that even if I had doubts, as long as I sought God and to do His will, I would be alright.  Not cured, not given vast wealth or any of the other things I was tempted to beg for, all I wanted was to do His will, then I would be alright.

I am not there yet, but the reminder that that place exists is helpful.

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  1. Michael~This is the first time I've read your blog & I don't want to just lurk here for 4 hrs. without telling you how deeply I'm moved by your profound generosity in the face of the tremendous difficulties you have faced in just the last 2 yrs. I, too, have CIDP; sadly, have also lost a daughter; and gratefully, have also, like you, used a foundation built in the 12-Step programs to support me through learning to accept & live with life on its own terms. I won't say any more now, tho' I'll be in touch in the future; just know that I'm keeping you, with gratitude, and Adrienne in my thoughts. Best to you, Michael ~ Robin, Edgewater, Md. (