Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our visitor

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I had my follow-up appointment at Drake Center today. The high that I been feeling the last couple of days due to my increased strength and energy and independence, was dashed by the actual numbers. When the doctor checked my strength, I showed little or no improvement since I left the center. Most distressing was my hands, which formally had been able to pull at 8 pounds of pressure, now could barely register.

I fumed for hours, surrounded by a dark cloud of cranky precipitation I rained on everything I could. At one point in the day, Adrienne said to me, "Please bring back the nice Michael, the kind Michael. I don't like this one."

The doctor asked if I declined after I left Drake. I reminded him that I was declining while there. He just didn't believe me. That was somewhat satisfying.

The truth is I'm adapting well to my new life. I have become more active, more involved in caring for myself than ever. I clean my own dishes, give the dog her medicine, and go in and out of the bathroom. I still struggle with buttons and zippers though. That is going to take some time and maybe some creativity. Adrienne thinks she might be able to build something that will help.

Gone are the days when I couldn't brush my teeth or feed myself because I didn't have the strength. My legs, shoulders and abdomen are recovering. My further extremities will recover when the nerves are repaired. That is going to take some time.

I'm going to be in a wheelchair for a while, and I am OK with that. I have seen that I'm capable of recovery, and that is the best news. I will continue to widen my circle of activities and work towards independence.

My granddaughter Mercedes has come to visit us for the summer. She's a delightful child, two years old, blond hair and blue eyes. She is very active and she loves to laugh. Of course being a two year old, she is still a two year old.

She is very curious about my accoutrements: the wheelchair, the mantihose, and transfer boards. She helps out with my transfers, getting the board from its storage place and bringing it to me, taking the legs from my chair and putting them in the trunk of the car when we're going someplace, and best of all yelling Go Grandpa go!" when I slide across the board.

I am so blessed.


  1. How awesome is that picture??? I love it! Go Grandpa go!

  2. Numbers are one thing, but feelings are another (and better, in my opinion.) You feel better, and you're doing better, that's obvious. Don't let numbers diminish that.

  3. Hey Mike!!! So excited to read your update and see a pic of your beautiful little lady!! I look forward to reading about your adventures together!